Bunny Parking

2020-02-28 lydocia 0

Bunny Parking is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a bunny, and it’s parking a car. You are the bunny. The game is the same […]

Bunny Park

2020-02-27 lydocia 0

Today’s game is Bunny Park – I need some adorableness today so it was an easy pick. But as an aside real fast: while looking […]

Only If

2020-02-26 lydocia 0

It’s probably not a good idea to start a horror game half an hour before bed, but hey – it’s for a good cause, right? […]


2020-02-25 lydocia 0

The premise is simple: you are McPïxel. Things are about to explode. You click on things and stop them from exploding. Fun puzzles that take […]


2020-02-24 lydocia 0

Today is a bit of a cheat day in two ways: 1) the game I’m playing isn’t on Steam (yet), and 2) it isn’t the […]

Gleaner Heights

2020-02-23 lydocia 0

“Stardew Valley, but with a darker side”. That’s how Gleaner Heights was pitched to me. The graphics in the preview don’t lie: it gives off […]


2020-02-22 lydocia 0

I got MagiCat to work properly, woohoo! Turns out reinstalling and rebinding the keys did the trick. Not that I tried that a couple of […]

Death and Taxes

2020-02-21 lydocia 0

*sigh* I admit, I bought Death and Taxes. Why? Because I saw my husband play it, we played it together for a little while and […]


2020-02-20 lydocia 0

Warning: Evergarden is NOT a Violet Evergarden dating sim. Do NOT buy! Just kidding. I know it’s not. However regrettable that is. Instead, you get […]


2020-02-19 lydocia 0

You had me at 16 bit side scroller. MagiCat features the most adorable mage cat. From the screenshots, it looks to be a very interesting […]