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Clicker Heroes

2020-03-24 lydocia 0

I felt like a Clicker game today, and first under “C” was Clicker Heroes, a free to play clicker game. That works for me. Premise is simple. Click on a monster to do damage, kill it to earn gold, save […]

Game Dev Tycoon

2020-03-23 lydocia 0

I ran a random Steam game thingy, and it landed on Game Dev Tycoon.Well, today’s as good as any day to finally play it, I suppose. It’s a simple strategic game where you can “develop” video games – you don’t […]


2020-03-21 lydocia 0

I had my eye on Deiland because I have Summer in Mara, a new game by the same developer, on my wishlist. Turns out Deiland was free on Steam today, so I grabbed it and played it. The concept is […]


2020-03-20 lydocia 0

Today, I lost myself in creating some designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so I forgo my daily game today and dedicate my blog time to this good cause. Find my QR codes for New Leaf / New Horizons here!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

2020-03-19 lydocia 0

Christmas came a day early: I’ve got my copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons today! My island’s name is Lhyesle, and I am so ready for the island life. 🤙 Shaka brah. So no Steam game today. I am unable […]

Trivia Vault

2020-03-18 lydocia 0

I didn’t have much time nor energy today (after a few matches of Mordhau with a friend whom I finally conviced to get the game), so I fired up one of those casual quiz games called Trivia Vault. There isn’t […]


2020-03-17 lydocia 0

I generally don’t enjoy tower defense games, but Warstone is different. There’s an enjoyable storyline with logical, linear progression and a selection of difficulty levels to cater to newbies and experienced players alike. Bad planning can make the waves quite […]


2020-03-16 lydocia 0

Remember the Spyro flying levels where you had to fly through hoops and catch things? Well, Feather is like that, but a lot more relaxing and less stressful. Feather is also very much like Flower, except now you’re a bird […]


2020-03-15 lydocia 0

“Cattails is Stardew Valley, but you’re a cat”. That’s what I’ve been told and have been able to verify. The game gives a very Stardew Valley vibe, the art is as cute, the origin story slightly more sad and the […]

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

2020-03-14 lydocia 0

No Steam game today, because I finally gave in and started up my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game again. With only six days to go until Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out, I’m eager to play my old town for […]